Camp Denison Conservation Area Upcoming Events and News

Friends of Camp Denison Family day

Paper rocket launching, face painting, pumpkin painting and more. Come on down to Camp Denison, 84 Nelson Street, Georgetown, Saturday, September 19, from 11:30 - 3:30.
Friends of Camp Denison welcome all to enjoy Camp Denison, hot dogs, soda, ice cream and a lot of fun. Hope to see you there.

Camp Denison Conservation Area Past Events and News


North Shore Nature Programs held their first summer program at Camp Denison Wild About Nature

Annual Easter Egg Hunt 2017

The Friends of Camp Denison hosted their Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday April 15, 2017. One Hundred Sixty children from pre-school to Fifth Grade participated. By all accounts everyone left Camp Denison happy and smiling. Unfortunately, the Easter Bunny had a cold and was unable to attend. Maybe next year.

Camp Denison Family Day

Friends of Camp Denison held its annual Family Day at Camp Denison on Saturday September 17, from 11:30 to 3:30. More than 350 parents and children enjoyed face painting, pumpkin painting, Irish step dancing, paper rocket launching, hot dogs, ice cream and more, all free.

Workshop in the Woods

Workshop in the Woods completed another successful season at Camp Denison. Over six weeks with a Life is Good theme, dozens of children were able to enjoy Camp Dension and the programs at Workshop in the Woods.

Annual Easter Egg Hunt -2016

The annual Easter Egg Hunt at Camp Denison was held on March 26th. We were joined by 245 children, accompanied by parents, grandparents and friends. A little chilly, but when candy is involved, not much of a problem. To enjoy pictures of the event Click Here

Friends of Camp Denison at The Flatbread Co.

March 29th 2016 the Flatbread Company hosted a benifit to raise funds for the Friends of Camp Denison. Flatbread Company donated a portion of the proceeds to help support Camp Denison. We would like to than Flatbread Company for their support not only of Camp Denison, but all Georgetown support groups. Located at the Black Swan Country Club in Georgetown.
to visit their website Click Here

Camp Denison Family Day-2015

Camp Denison's Family Day was a rousing success again this year. Face Painting, Balloon Animals, Model Airplanes, Paper Rocket Launching and more had the rapt attention of 400 participants. Hot Dogs (generously served up by Georgetown's Selectmen), and ice cream didn't make things worse.
to view photo's from the day Click Here

Workshop in the Woods

This year Workshop in the Woods was under new management. We are an "unplugged" theater-arts summer camp that has a non-competitive environment. The program's goal is to encourage creative expression, build self-esteem, and foster a love and pride of community and surrounding nature. Workshop in the Woods is a program developed to support summer fun and community pride. Visit our website Workshop in the Woods to learn more about session dates and themes.


On Saturday September 20, Friends of Camp Denison sponsored their annual Open House Family Day. Several hundred children enjoyed face painting, balloon animals, paper rocket launching, model airplanes, pumpkin painting, Irish Step dancing, free hot dogs and more from 11:30 to 3:30. The event was held at Camp Denison, 82 Nelson Street in Georgetown.
To view photo's of the 2014 Open House Click Here

Workshop in the Woods

Once again this year, Workshops arts, inc. under the keadership of Statcy Fix, is held an interesting and very successful childrens workshop at Camp Denison. The workshop is conducted in two, two week sessios.
The first session began on July 7, the second session began on July 21. The workshop was structured for children ages 6 through 14. For more information on next year's workshop go to

Friends of Camp Denison golf tournament

On June 7 Friends of Camp Denison held a fundraising golf tournament at Rowley Country Club in Rowley. MA.
Fifty two golfers participated in the tournament on a beautiful Saturday afternoon Prizes were given out for longest drive, and clostest to the pin. A dinner was held in the great hall at Camp Denison.
The day was a great success and we loook forward to next year.

Annual Easter Egg Hunt -2014

The annual Easter Egg Hunt at Camp Denison was a geat success. Approximately two hundered and fifty children from preschool to grade 5 scrambled to find as many eggs as possible in hopes of winning a prize. We would like to thank the Girl Scouts for their help in distributing the eggs, and the boy scouts for directing the parking.
We would also like to thank our sponsors, Crosby's Markets, Pratt's Hobby Shop, VFW Post 7608, CVS of Georgetown and Rowley, Dunkin Donuts, Market Basket, Honey Dew Donut Shop, McDonalds, B.J.'s, Tom's Discount Store, Target, The Instition for Savings, Spiro's Service Station, Cuffie-McCann Funeral Home, P.F.Chang's, and the Northshore Mall. The day was beautuful and a good time was had by all. We can hardly wait until next year.

To enjoy pictures of the event Click Here

Camp Denison Open House Family Day 2013

On a beautiful September day Camp Denison held it's annual Open House Family Day. Over two hundred parents and children joined us for model airplane flying, rocket launching
face painting and more. Free hot dogs, chips, soda's and ice cream rounded out the event. We would like to thank our Selectmen, David Surface, Stu Egenberg, and Gary Fowler for yoeman duty serving the hotdogs, and the Boy Scouts of troop 50 and 51 for their help in parking cars and general traffic duty, the Over the Hill Band and their entourage for the wonderful music, Lisa and Shannon o'Neil for the Irish Step dancing exhibition, and the Garden Friends of Georgetown for the hard work on the gardens around the lodge. For pictures of the event

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Workshop in the Woods 2013

Workshop in the Woods was help at Camp Denison again this summer. There were two sessions of two weeks each, of amazing activities for children ages 6 to 14
Both sessions include unique activities in Art, Crafts, Performance,Nature and Community

Camp Denison Annual Fundraiser

On Saturday May 19, Friends of Camp Denison held their 15th annual fund raising event. The evening featured a turkey dinner, a raffle of many donated gifts from local businesses and individuals and a live auction. All followed by dancing to the music of DJ Jamie Kelley. This annual event provides a significant amount of the fumding needed to keep Camp Denison in operation. Friends of Camp Denison would like to thank all that participated, either by donating items or attending the event.

Easter Egg Hunt at Camp Denison

Friends of camp Denison sponsored the second annual Easter Egg Hunt at Camp Denison. It was a sparkling if a bit chilly Saturday before Easter. Starting times were staggered to allow the younger chaildren the oppportunity
to get as much candy as their older siblings. Eggs were scattered around the grounds of Camp Denison for each age group. Approximatly 150 children took part, and hopefully were able to find enough candy (if that's possible).
We hope they had a good time, we certainly did. For pictires of the event click on the link below.

March 2013 Easter Egg Hunt Photo's

Camp Denison Open House Family Day-September 2012

Unfortunately This year's Open House Family Day was cancelled due to an outbreak of EEE in Georgetown. We look forward to having our open house again next year, once again in conjunction with Essex National Heritage's Trails and Sails event.

Workshop In The Woods 2012

This year marked another successfull season for Workshop in the Woods, a popular arts and crafts day camp at Camp Denison in Georgetown. In two sessions runningh from July 9 participants built, painted acted and more in an ideal setting

April 7 2012 - Camp Denison Easter Egg Hunt

Camp Denison hosted its first Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday April 7. Thousands of candy and prize-filled eggs were scattered over a large area at Camp Denison. Several hundred children searched over the beautiful grounds of the camp to find the treasures. There was also the obligatory large bunny accompanied by the necessary chicken. To insure all had a chance to find eggs, children were in four separate age groups. The children were seen staggering back to their cars, burdened by the loot. We do hope there were no after effects. We see this as the first of many Easter Egg Hunts in the years to come. For pictures of the event click on the link below

April 2012 Easter Egg Hunt Photo's

September 24 2011 - Camp Denison Open House

Our 2nd annual Open House 0n Sept. 24, 2011, a family event, was a great success in spite of the ever present threat of rain. While hot dogs, soda, water, and ice cream were free, we are more than pleased by the generous amount of donations provided. Many thanks to the volunteers; and all those who provided activity for the children, where most all ended their day with twisted balloons, a model airplane; painted pumpkins, and painted faces, accompanied by wide smiles.

September 2011 Open House Photo's

2011 workshop in the woods - July 2011

During each 2-week session, children rotate from workshop to workshop each day. The program was led by director Stacey Fix and other qualified workshop specialists. Children had an opportunity to learn from professionals in each area of interest while building community and gaining an understanding and appreciation of ecology, art, performance and craft. The program's goal is to encourage creative expression, build self-esteem, and foster a love of neighbor and nature. Workshop in the Woods is a program developed to support summer fun and community pride. Click here for more details.

Camp Denison Conservation Area opens new demonstration forest -
Posted Apr 29, 2010

Its nickname is The Camp of Many Bobs. On any given Tuesday at Camp Denison Conservation Area, you might hear the following, “Bob, can you pass the hammer?” or “Bob, I left the plans in my car. Can you run out and get them?” “Sure Bob, happy to.” The Five Bobs, as they are affectionately called, are Bob Morehouse of Wheeler Brook Farm, Bob Goodwin, Bob Gibb, Bob Apprich and Bob Gorton. You can find many of them at the camp on any Tuesday morning, hard at work on camp projects.

Two of the Bobs, Goodwin and Gibb, have recently been working with the Boy Scouts of Troop 50 to create new trails leading to a model forest that is going to be available for school groups and the public to tour for free on Saturdays from mid-April through mid-October.

Actually, many features at the camp are free to the public...Read more


Georgetown's acquired jewel: Camp Denison Conservation Area - Published: 07/28/2006

In order to preserve the historic features of a once inner-city camp and to provide the public with a high quality conservation and recreation facility, volunteers from Georgetown have spent hundreds of hours revitalizing Camp Denison Conservation Area. Interestingly, the first step in transforming the 36-acre campground was for the town of Georgetown to purchase 10 acres of the property from its neighbor Boxford. Though owned by Federated Dorchester Neighborhood Houses, Inc., Camp Denison Conservation Area Conservation Area Conservation Area was situated on land owned by both Georgetown and Boxford. In June 1997 Boxford's Board of Selectmen voted to approve Georgetown's purchase of the 10 acres of Camp Denison Conservation Area located in Boxford. In February 1998, Georgetown acquired the property from its original owners, Federated Dorchester Neighborhood Houses, Inc.

Today Camp Denison Conservation Area provides visitors with the opportunity for walking along nature trails, picnicking, bird watching, fishing, boating and camping. There also is a playground...Read more