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Upcoming events and reserved dates

Rental Request

For Rental Requests and further information on renting space, visit Permits and Rule, fill out form with your request, or call 978-352-5744.

The Great Hall Lodge can be rented in a variety of ways. For large parties the Great Hall, Mess Hall and kitchen facilites can accommodate up to 50 people, see Great Hall for more details Smokey’s Den is ideal for smaller parties and year round use, see Smokey’s Den for more details.

Nature Center

The Nature Center is ideal for small meetings and parties.


The cabins are located in a wooded area. They are available for adult use only due to bathroom restrictions for children.

Entire Property

The entire property is also available for rent.


Several areas in Camp Denison Conservation Area are available for camping.

Boat tie up

A limited number of boat tie up are available.